Dressprise has its roots in multiple connecting dots. We have threaded those experiences together and have built this discovery platform to solve few of the use cases.

Connecting Dot #1: When her boyfriend couldn’t find a gift for her

It was her 25th birthday and her boyfriend was not in the city. On this important milestone, she was expecting a¬†special gift from him. But because of the time crunch, he couldn’t explore much and promised her that he’ll take her for shopping (some day).

Connecting dot #2: When the newly wedded guy did not have the clue what to gift

He was recently married to a beautiful princess. Since his was an arranged marriage, and he had no prior experience of gifting to women, he asked his female colleague to accompany him to a shop where she can guide him to buy for the princess.

Connecting Dot #3: When she couldn’t get the perfect look for her wedding

Every girl starts dreaming of her marriage from the teen age. It was going to be a fairytale wedding for her as she was getting married to her long-time beloved. Even though she had ample time for the shopping, she couldn’t find the perfect wedding lehenga for her wedding and she had to compromise on whatever she had got.

And a lot other connecting dots …

We decided to develop something, which could help people save time and also help them in discovering the best products for them.

We’re a bunch of crazy misfits who love to explore. Since internet is overloaded with information, we thought our exploratory skills could help people in saving their time and discovering quality products.

“Sharing is Caring”

We hard-curate amazing products from different¬†websites so that you don’t have to flip over thousands of websites and hundreds of products. Time is the real money, and we’re saving yours!

Before launching any collection, we brainstorm and conceptualize on the consumer need and correspondingly discover the hidden gems from the internet.

Yes, this takes effort because we can not compromise on the look and the feel of the products being selected for you.

We invest our time to save your time

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